Announce of November 03

Dear students,

About your course: Logistics Project Management,

Your Session 6 – Online is now available on:
Moodle: .
My web site:
My Google Drive:

Please remind the security code to access on Moodle and my website is as following: sgamoura2731

You can start by watching the video of this session. Please note the video is also available on Youtube (the link is available on the video popup).
In the video, you need to turn on the sound and listen to the avatar's narration.
In addition, you can download the PDF file of the same content in the video.

In this session, you have:

1. The solution of session 3_exercise to review. Please find it in the directory: Session 3_Appendices_and_Exercises and take enough time to review the solution step by step (load 0h15mn): Mandatory.

2. The Video of content to watch: Session 6_Online_Content_Video*   (load 1h15mn): Mandatory.
* Please note all the files of exercises included in the video are in the directory: Session 6_Appendices_and_Exercises 

3. One exercise to do: Session 3_Appendices_and_Exercises (load 0:40mn): Mandatory but not included in the evaluation exam. The solution will be provided in the next session.

4. Test Quiz to do: Session 6_Test_QCM (load of 0:20mn): Mandatory ). This test is included in the evaluation exam. Solutions are provided by the system automatically. Please note you have two attempts and the system saves the best score.

5. Session 6_Repository_Work_To_Do (load of 0:30mn): Recommended, but not mandatory. It is not included in the evaluation exam. It is useful for the preparation of the next session for a better understanding.

For all your questions, please, try to avoid emails and use the Forum already created in Moodle for this session. The Forum is a collaborative online exchange space, where all of you can share the same topics, questions, and answers. I will interact with you and answer all your questions through the Forum.  

For students who do not have Moodle access, they can post their comments on my website.
Please note that you have to answer the Quiz test (QCM) after reviewing the session. This is mandatory. Your test QCM is available during all the week inter-sessions (until the next session). Two attempts are possible.

For students who do not have Moodle access, they have to answer the test on my website.
All the information about the course modalities are available in the general part (First part) in Moodle or my website, in addition to all the announcements.  
About the work to do of the previous session (Session 3), the solution is included in the video (or PDF) of the session of today (Session 6). Thanks to the students who 

have submitted their works:
ELOI               CABAUD
PAUL             DARREAU
Best regards