Announce of October 06

Dear students,
About your course: Logistics Project Management,

Your Session 4 – Online is now available on:

Moodle: *.
My web site: *
My Google Drive:
* Please remind the security code to access on Moodle and my website is as following:   sgamoura2731

This online session is devoted to a case study to do in groups. All the instructions are available in the case study files downloadable in the repository of Moodle: Case_Study_1  or on my website (Session 4).

Belonging to a group is mandatory for this session. As already explained in the first session, you have to create a new group or become a member of an existing group though Moodle in the Group Selection part: Groups_Selection *.
* For students who DO NOT have Moodle access yet, you have to fill in the shared Excel file in my Google Drive:

Important note:  In Moodle, the submission of the work requires a group to make a submission, and some students are either not a member of any group, or are a member of more than one group, so they are unable to make submissions. Please make sure you belong to ONE GROUP.

This work is planned for a load of 3 hours duration.

For all your questions, please, try to avoid emails and use the Forum already created in Moodle for this session   (Session 4_Forum). The Forum is a collaborative online exchange space, where all of you can share the same topics, questions, and answers. I will interact with you and answer all your questions through the Forum *.  
* For students who DO NOT have Moodle access yet, they can post their comments on my website.

All the information about the course modalities are available in the general part (First part) in Moodle or my website, in addition to all the announcements.  
Please note the following:

  • There is no Quiz test (QCM) for this session
  • This case study will be evaluated and included in the practical part of the exam (30%)
  • This case study is not synchronous. This means you can organize your time and work to do it without being in an online live attendance.
  • Submissions of works are:  from October 6, 2020 02PM00   till    October 13, 2020 02PM00  
  • The presentations (soutenances) are planned to be defended during the next session (Session 5) in online mode. I will send you a conference link (Zoom or Google meet) beforehand.

About the work to do and the exercise of the previous session (Session 3), the solution will be provided and included in the session 6. Thanks to the students who have submitted their works:

  • Damien Fuchs
  • Mathieu Bernard
  • Mustafa Kalayci
  • Paul Darreau
  • Rayan Barhoumi
  • Omar El Iamani  

Best regards